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What are the four saddest words in the English language? To HOPE-GEO founder Toney Mars, they are "should have" and "too late", as in "I should have done it when I still had a chance, but now, it is too late."

Which is why, seeing the critical state in what he calls Earth's "Six Planetary Diseases", and the seemingly unaffordable "medical bill", but most of all the entirely possible cure, he urges all to go for broke while we still have a fighting chance, when it is still not too late, he hopes, for life on Earth, and the life of Earth.

Which is what HOPE-GEO is all about - to Heal Our Planet Earth - while its Six Planetary Diseases are, hopefully, still curable.

This vision did not come overnight; it is an integral part of a new philosophical system Toney Marr constructed in the late 1970's, which he calls Omni-Science. But while a whole philosophical system can be dreamed up by just one man, to make the vision a reality requires a global team of thousands. Whereas the 1996 Bear Referendum campaign had the participation of close to 2,000 volunteers in the Canadian province of British Columbia, the international and multilingual HOPE Petition project will require a hundred or even thousand times as many  worldwide.

In just the North America leg of his HOPE World Tour alone, Toney Marr needs local hosting and support in 70 American and Canadian cities, as well as volunteers all over the globe to circulate and distribute petitions, and of course funds to get him started and keep him going. While he needs all the help he can get to help the Earth help itself, the global team requires your participation.

Together, we are HOPE-GEO, an organization of deep thought, fore sight, firm commitment and bold action, who fears no controversy, confrontation, intimidation nor potential defeat.

We do not say, "It is not impossible, but difficult." We say, "It is difficult, but possible." - as in going to the stars, but first, as in healing our planet Earth.

HOPE-GEO's New Millennium Vision

Since his departure from WCWC - Western Canada Wilderness Committee - in the end of August, Toney Marr has been busy ā€“ setting up HOPE-GEO - Heal Our Planet Earth Global Environmental Organization - and unleashing its first major new project which will include a 5-month, 70-city road tour across the continent early next year.

This road tour will include a tiger conservation slideshow, the multi-lingual HOPE World Petition and a talk on Toney Mars new millennium vision titled Earths Shining Destiny, based on his New Model of the Universe titled Omniscientific Cosmology. 

There are two main categories of cosmologies the unscientific cosmologies (e.g. Scientific Creationism) and the scientific.  Scientific cosmology has two subcategories physical- scientific cosmology (e.g. the Big Bang Theory¯), and Omniscientific Cosmology.  The difference between them is that whereas the former involves only 4 principal sciences (physics, chemistry, geology and astronomy), the latter involves all 8 principal sciences (plus biology, sociology, psychology and ecology), which gives Omniscientific Cosmology the power to answer the great philosophical questions on the origin, nature, evolution, meaning, purpose and destiny - of life, humanity, Earth, Universe, Tao¯, even God¯.

This renders the Omniscientific Cosmology the perfect lethal weapon against Creationism, and no doubt, Toney Mars will be debating Creationists along his path.

The Fundamentalists and Creationists are powerful and numerous.  Surveys plug the subscribers to such scenarios at almost half of the US population. 

Not only do they believe the end-of-the-world will happen, they want it to happen, and they have the power to make it happen.  And currently, what do we have in our possession to act as a counter-balance? And what of the vegan versus vegetarian moral issue? Many believe it is ethically ok to harvest the milk of other sentient beings.

The New World Order?!  The other day, George Bush Jr. said that he favours teaching Creationism in the science classroom.  And Evolution?  Where is it leading us?   I believes that our young people needs such a shining vision, to counteract such despair- inducing prophesies as Armageddon, which is sweeping the land. The Omniscientific Cosmology can do it, and it must,says Toney Mars.

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