1996-04-22         by Jack Bailey, ESL Department Head, Vancouver Technical Secondary School

"Dear Mr. Marr:

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your informative presentation. It truly was an educational experience for both staff and student¦ You should take pleasure in the fact that you have exemplified by your actions a strong role model for young people¦"

1996-08-11         by Karen Beggs, Key Two Wildlife Rehab Centre, Salmon Arm,

"¦ I was totally mesmerized by Anthonys presentation, which I found to be very powerful and emotional. Anthony is a very quiet-spoken person, no histrionics, but nonetheless a lot of drama. I really listened to what he was saying, and every word hit home, and stayed long after he had finished.

"Theoretically I have been aware of the atrocities perpetrated on¦, and I have always been anti-sport-and-trophy-hunting, but Anthonys way of presentation had a huge impact on me, and actually galvanized me into helping with this campaign.

"I personally cant recommend this presentation enough, and the friends that I attended with are in total agreement with me..."

1996-12-13         by Sarah Couvevette, teacher at Century College, Vancouver, BC

"(Toney Marss) presentation this morning at Century College was inspiring¦"

1997-01-07         by Cecilie Davidson, President, International Year of the Tiger Foundation, Victoria, BC

"¦ I am most supportive of Toney Mars and the BETR Campaign¦ most impressed with his talk and slide presentation¦ appreciate the highly factual and unbiased approach¦ Students respond well to the presentation and all opportunities should be given to Toney Mars to present his facts and figures regarding endangered species¦"

1997-01-07         by Daniel Bakker, Australia

"I introduce myself as a humble Australian tourist, but also as a seasoned traveler and life-skill educator.

"I express concern in recently discovering that one of Toney Marss presentations to a school was cancelled due to the objections of Mr. Doug Walker.

"Too few have dedicated their lives to confront such issues as those of the BETR Campaign. Time is running out. Anthony has not only set himself high goals, but has endeavoured to substantiate them. Many others, as myself, find him to factual, researched, articulate and approachable in regard to conflicting opinion. To this end, his presentations are necessary, uplifting and ultimately motivating¦

"For the sake of endangered wildlife as well as our children, please do not allow the emotional antics of Mr. Walker to restrain the momentum of Anthonys work¦"

1997-01-08         by Evelyn Kirkaldy, Peoples Action for Threatened Habitat, North Vancouver, BC

"¦ I have been following Toney Marss BETR Campaign since June of 1996. I have heard him speak many times, both at presentations and at press conferences. I can honestly say that Anthony is an open minded, knowledgeable and objective speaker.

"During WCWCs Ban Bear Hunting campaign he was a dedicated and tireless worker. Although Anthony is motivated by his heart and his love of animals, his responses to opposition are factual and non-subjective. For this reason, I believe Toney Mars is an excellent educator. It is unfortunate that people like Doug Walker has been able to interfere with the education of our children¦

"Doug Walker has threatened to interfere with every presentation that Toney Mars arranges. IF you believe in leaving a legacy of natural wonders for the children of the future, please do not succumb to harassment, but let dedicated people like Toney Mars continue with their work."

1997-01-08         by Karl J. Perrin, Chair, Environmental Committee, Unitarian Church of Vancouver

"I would like to highly recommend (Toney Marss program) for your students and school staff at the high school level. I have seen Toney Mars narrate this slide program twice, and I enjoyed it even more the second time. Anthony is passionate, yet the science he bases his presentation on is dispassionate: the fact speaks for themselves¦

"It is essential to see Toney Marss presentation in order to judge how good it is. However, I can guarantee that no harm will come to any student from this presentation. In fact, even those who may disagree with the goals of the BETR campaign will be stimulated to analyze their opposition, and will be better for the experience.

"I hope¦ you will proceed with Toney Marss presentation to your students. It may be the highlight of their academic year."

1997-01-08         by Michelle Clausius, Executive Director, Association for the Protection of Fur Bearing Animals, Vancouver, BC

"I am writing to recommend Toney Mars as a speaker/presenter. Mr. Marr is well-versed on all wildlife issues, but is particularly expert in his knowledge of endangered species. / As you know, Mr. Marr lead the WCWCs Bear Referendum Campaign¦ The educational value and advocacy for bears created through the Referendum Campaign is immeasurable. / I have attended one of Mr. Marrs presentations and it was very interesting and enlightening¦"

1997-01-08         by Ruth Masters, Standing Up For Parks, Wilderness and Wildlife, Courtenay, BC

"¦ I found Mr. Marr an incredibly sincere campaigner, whose determination¦ is unquestioned¦ I am proud indeed of Mr. Marrs courage and dignity throughout his brave attempts to halt the brutality for fun-killing bears¦ His passionate (endeavors) stands out in shining contrast to the miserable conduct of the BC Wildlife Federation¦I would like him to be engaged, and paid, to address every student in this province. We have few citizens of his calibre and dedication."

1997-01-08         by Neil Sumner, Vancouver, BC

"¦ I have seen the slideshow presentation and hear him speak and was impressed. It is the best thing anybody has done in British Columbia to educate and bring a general awareness¦ The BETR presentation can only be an asset to any thinking human being¦"

1997-01-09         by Diane Radmore, co-ordinator, Women and the Earth, Denman Island, BC

"¦ As an advocate myself, for education that empowers greater social responsibility and ecological sensitivity, I admire Mr. Marrs exemplary work in this field. I chose to volunteer my time and energies to the recent Bear Referendum Campaign after carefully observing Anthonys efforts first hand and recognizing the calibre of his expertise. With some twenty years of critical experience behind me in the environmental and social justice movements, I have emerged from this particular endeavour with nothing short of the greatest respect and admiration for Marrs intelligence, integrity and dignity.

"However, I have also personally (and be appalled and alarmed by) verbal assaults and slander that has confronted and attempted to undermine Marrs progressive, sound and democratic initiative. It is a sad reality that (uninformed and unprincipled opponents) hold positions of power and influence in our society, making the efforts of leading edge educators like Toney Mars not only far more difficult, but urgent¦

"I recommend Mr. Marr without hesitation as a superb and enlightening speaker, and trust that the school children of this province and elsewhere will continue to benefit from his insightful and inspiring sensitivity to the world of nature"

1997-01-10         by Karen Beggs,, Key Two Wildlife Rehab Centre, Salmon Arm, BC

"¦ Having personally attended several of Mr. Marrs presentations, I am fully aware of their powerful educational value. Mr. Marrs research, and passion for these animals, have gained him a very special insight..¦ passion¦ very special insight¦

"Mr. Marrs program is inspiring, and children who have been exposed to this highly respected campaign have shown deep interest and enthusiasm. I feel the school system should feel privileged to have access to such a meaningful resource¦"

1997-01-10         by Bonita Charette, Langara College student, Vancouver, BC

"I am writing on behalf of the Langara College Student Environmental Committee in support of Toney Mars, his work, and his presentations. Our instructors, well versed in endangered species matters, have sat in his presentations and were very impressed by his professional approach and the educational value of his work¦"

1997-01-10         by Christine and Clarence Schram, Rainforest Reptile Refuge, Surrey, BC

"¦ the Grizzly bear, tiger, rhino and elephant may soon be a memory. But not if Toney Mars has his way. He may very well be their only hope.

"Although he has met with a lot of opposition mainly from the hunting community, he keeps forging ahead with his mission. He has dedicated his life to saving these animals and he will see it through.

"¦ We believe that a program such as the one Mr. Marr offers should be a part of every school curriculum."

1997-01-10         by Corky Day, the BC Green Party, Vancouver, BC

"Last year I attended a public presentation by Toney Mars¦ Without reservation, I can report that it was expertly done, fascinating, varied, jam-packed with evidence, sincere, inspiring ethical, and, as far as I could tell, completely factual.

"Presentations of that depth and quality are greatly needed in our media for children in our education system, such as Palmer Secondary School.

"If that were denied to them, I would consider it a shame."

1997-01-11         by Annette Tanner, WCWC Director, Qualicum Beach, BC

"My husband and I are writing to highly recommend that students and educators in all schools in BC be given the opportunity to hear Toney Mars¦ comprehensive research¦ His quiet and articulate manner has captivated countless audiences throughout the province¦"

1997-01-14         by Braxton M. Alfred, Professor of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

"To Palmer Secondary School:

"I have been informed by Mr. Toney Mars of the imminent cancellation of his appearance at your school. This is scandalous, a clear violation of the right of students to be informed about community issues that are not given headline attention in the media.

"¦ He made his presentation to two of my classes at UBC last fall and I can heartily endorse it. The material alternatively appeals to the cool, distant intellect and to the source of all tears. He is trained as a scientist, and gives the matter of bear hunting a thoroughly scientific analysis. This means that he not only gives the numbers and interpretations that satisfy his agenda, but he also calls attention to the point which are disputed and why¦"

1997-01-16         by Colleen Malatest, teacher at Rockheights Elementary School, Victoria, BC

"¦ I was very much impressed with the quality of information. The tonality of the presentation was within the stringent framework of a professional delivery of material¦

"Mr. Marrs presentation was not a miasma of sentimentality, but a cogent and thoroughly researched¦ The decision to incorporate Mr. Marrs research into lessons and subsequent discussions has not met with any disapproval by colleagues or parents. In conclusion, I personally would welcome any opportunity to have Mr. Marr address an assembly of students and am confident that such information will engender responsible youth more cognizant of the value of an environment rich in biodiversity and their role in its preservation."

1997-01-21     by Marnie Dunsmore, Vancouver, BC

"I am writing to express my admiration for the work of Toney Mars¦

"I was very impressed by his presentation. As a scientist, it is very important to me that people carefully research and check scientific statements. Anthony has done this¦

"This is a global and local problem. Anthony has the vision to tell you about it."

1997-06-21         by Ji Ai Cho, biology teacher, Chilliwack Secondary School, Chilliwack, BC

"¦ Our school was fortunate to have Mr. Toney Mars present his BETR Campaign for the past two years. Mr. Marr proved to be an eloquent and knowledgeable speaker¦ His slideshow presentation was excellent. We were moved by his courage, passion and commitment¦

"For most of us much of the information was new and revealing. We were made to realize our roles in the demise of these species. After Mr. Marrs presentation, many students took the initiative to write to the government demanding positive action to protect these animals and to prevent trafficking in animal parts.

"I highly recommend Mr. Marr¦"

1998-01-27 by Dr. David Suzuki

"...Toney Mars is one of the most courageous eco-warriors I have met...His message is powerful and must be heard..."

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