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5. Cosmic Consciousness



5-1. The Psychosphere

Just as the Earth has a Pyrosphere (core), a Barysphere (mantle), a Lithosphere (crust), a Hydrosphere (water), an Atmosphere (air) and a Biosphere (life), it also has a Psychosphere (consciousness).

Is the Earth conscious? Absolutely. Why? Let me ask back. Are you an integral part of the Biosphere, which is an integral part of the Earth? Are you conscious? If your answer for both is "Yes", then the Earth is conscious if only because of you.

But the whales, the tigers, the termites, the dragonflies, the dragonfly cells, the amoebae, even the rocks and stones themselves, are, each in their own way, conscious. Even a proton is aware, and in more way than one – gravitationally of the neutron, electrically as well as gravitationally of the electron and other protons. And our cities and nations are super-conscious, with their computer networks and telescopic sight, and even more so will be our planet Earth herself.

When we look upward, with our naked eyes or through a telescope (which is an integral part of a human society which is an integral part of the Biosphere which is an integral part of the Earth), it is the Earth looking outward.


5-2 Physical Thought

Thought is the re-processing of memory, with or without external inducement. If memory is a physical phenomenon, then so is thought, which they both are.

Memory, too, is multileveled. On the subatomic level, memory is an electrical and electronic configuration. On the molecular level, there are so called "memory molecules". On the cellular level, memory is the macro-changes within the neurons and the inter-relationships among the neurons. On the metazoan level, memory is the physical configuration of the neural circuitry. On the citian level, memory is mostly in hand-written records and local media and books. On the national level, memory is mostly in the national media, library systems and archives. On the planetary level, memory is in the global media, library systems, the U.N. archive and the World Wide Web.


5-3 Unidentical Identical Twins

It is conceivable that memory in the metazoan brain is not just stored in the neural circuitry, but is the circuitry itself.

When a baby is born, it has a full complement of brain cells, but very few contacts among them. As the infant experiences the outside world, the neurons form circuits that correspond to the experience, such as a bicycle-riding-subcircuit, which those who have never ridden a bicycle would not have developed. Same for say, smoking, to quit which may involve the dismantling of the smoking-habit-subcircuit. Even something as abstract as a belief system may have its own physical circuitry.

What is known for sure now is that mice raised in a room full of various objects have more interneuronal contacts than mice raised in a bare room.

Accordingly, genetically identical twins may not necessarily be physically identical, as long as their experiences are not identical, especially if they’re raised in different families. One may have learnt how to ride a bicycle, for example, and the other may not have, while one may have been raised to be a Creationist and the other an Evolutionist. The hardwiring of their brains may be more different then two unrelated babies raised in the same environment.


5-4 Lamarckian Mental Evolution

The inheritance of brain circuitry configurations is Lamarckian, which does not necessarily displace Darwinian evolution in terms of "survival of the fittest brain circuit configuration".


5-5 The Integrative Transcendence of Consciousness

Like matter, consciousness is multileveled - the product of integrative transcendence from lower levels of consciousness to higher levels.

The consciousness of a human being is integratively transcended from the consciousness of all his/her body cells, particularly of the neurons. The consciousness of a cell is integratively transcended from the "proto-consciousness" of all its constituent molecules. And so on down.

On the other hand, transcendentally integrating human consciousness produces the consciousness of city-states and of social cities, then the conscious of nations, and then, at the point of planetary organismization, the integratively transcended consciousness of the planet Earth.

And so on up.


5-6 IT for Jung and Freud

Freud talked about the "collective unconscious" and Jung talked about "super-consciousness". There may be something to both in the scheme of things.


5-7 Collectivism versus Individualism

Bottom up, as in democracy, versus top down, as in autocracy - the eternal political ideological struggle. In other words – The government or the people, who should lead whom?

The country is integratively transcended from its citizens; the citizen is its unit of transcendental integration. It is a matter of the love and creativity of the individual within the capability and discipline of the society. One is meaningless and fruitless without the other, whereas together, they are fruitful and meaningful.

One thing is for worthy pointing out. If we look at how our body cells relate to each other within our bodies, we may see the way to build a healthy nation, and even a healthy world.


5-8 I, Configuration

There is not a single atom in my body that belongs to me. I am the configuration maintained by the atoms and molecules amongst themselves during their temporary stay in their temporary totality I call my body.

When I die, my atoms and molecules will disperse, and my configuration will dissolve, except the changes I’ve made in the configuration of humanity, which, I hope, will continue far into the future.


5-9 The IT Double Spiral

The Integrative Transcendence spiral is in fact a double helix, whose yin-yang sides are consciousness and matter respectively.

The Universe is conscious.





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