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6. The Universal Organism Divine Auto-Creation



6-1 OSES for Earth in the Solar System

The successful transcendent integration of the nations into the planetary organism Earth will open a new OSES Cycle in the realm of the Solar System.

1Organismization - The integrative transcendence of the Earth gives rise to the Solar Systems original planetary organism, now a Level 6 planet.

2Speciation - The original planetary organism Earth will soon reproduce, with planetary offspring materializing on other planets and/or their satellites ("Level 1" assuming that no cellular or higher life has originated from them), and/or in interplanetary space. These Earths offspring will start their existence based upon the genetic and memetic (social "meme" as opposed to the biological "gene") blueprint of the planetary organism Earth at the time the offspring is "conceived". But vastly divergent environmental conditions on the various planets and satellites and free space will force very fast evolution on all levels upon these Earths offspring to bring forth a broad spectrum of planetary species. Considering that the average number of organisms per species decreases the higher the level attained (e.g. quadrillions upon quadrillions of amoebae in the species Amoeba proteus, billions of human beings in the species Homo sapiens, only hundreds of cities per citian species and only several national organisms per national species), there may be as few as one planetary organism per planetary species.

3Ecosystemization - The offspring of Earth would begin life as Level 4 planets, i.e. starting with a single city. But soon, they would develop into Level 5, then Level 6 planets, by which time they will have formed a vibrant interplanetary ecosystem within the Solar System.

4Socialization - Sooner or later, a Solar-System-wide interplanetary society will be formed, which, hopefully, will integratively transcend into the stellar organism Sol.

Then and only then will humanity truly be poised for the great leap to the stars.


6-2 Survival of the Wise

Looking up into the starry night sky, I sense the Earth looking outwards through my eyes, and thinking ahead through my mind, asking, "If and when we go to the stars, what will be awaiting us out there? Star wars, or heavenly peace?"

For Earths and our sake, I hope for the latter. It would be a cold and cruel world out there indeed if, after all her trials and tribulations, Earth manages to venture out of her cradle, only to be killed in some interstellar crossfire. What is the point to end war on Earth, just so we could go and fight wars among the stars?

There is an argument for the former, that competition among species have always occur, so far, when the IT Spiral reaches the E (Ecosystemization) quadrant of the OSES Cycle on any level, so it should occur on the interstellar levels as well. Is warfare inevitable whenever different species of Stellar Organisms encounter each other for the first time in interstellar space, such as between the Federation Starfleet Command and the Klingons in the physical manifestation of Earths own bright yet dark imagination called Star Trek?

But there is also an argument for the latter, that just as intra-species evolution can evolve from Darwinian to Lamarckian, then why not inter-species dynamics as well from war to peace? Is it not possible that with lessons learned on the lower levels (e.g. international), that mistakes can be avoided on the higher levels (e.g. Interstellar)? Is it not further possible that the cosmic phenomenon called "war" itself has a transcendence limit, such as on the point of planetary organismization? Let the foolish and destructive foolishly destroy themselves at that juncture, and the wise and constructive survive to further the transcendental integration of the Cosmos.

I think the decider is in whether a species like the Klingons can survive the organismization of their home planet. The answer is "yes", Im afraid, if they "unified" their planet by force of arms instead of integrative transcendence, such as could be the case if Hilter won the war.


6-3 Stellar and Galactic Organisms

Once the integrative transcendence of stellar organism Sol has come to pass, humanity will quantum-leap from interplanetary to interstellar affairs, from the Planetary Level of Organization to the Stellar Level of Organization. The question here is: How many levels are there from the Stellar to the Galactic, and how many from the Galactic to the Universal Level of Organization?

Between the Stellar and the Galactic, I would venture to guess 2 intermediate levels: The Segmental Level of Organization (segment of a spiral galactic arm, each embracing on average about 300,000 stars) and the Sectoral Level of Organization (major sectors of the galaxy, each embracing on average 300,000,000 stars or 1000 Segmental organisms). On the Galactic Level of Organization, the Milky Way Galaxy, as a Galactic organism, will comprise about 1,000 Sectoral organisms, embracing about 300,000,000,000 stars.

And between the Galactic and the Universal, I would guess also 2 intermediate levels, since the number of galaxies in the Universe is in the order of 100,000,000,000.


6-4 Quantum Leaps of Power

How powerful is an amoeba? Very powerful, but only in the opinion of the bacterium it is about to devour.

How much more powerful is a human being than an amoeba? Almost infinitely. And they are just one level of organization apart.

How much more powerful is the United States than a single American? Almost infinitely (unless the name of the American is Bill Gates). And they are only 2 levels of organization apart.

How powerful would something 4 levels above you be? Unimaginably. That is how powerful a stellar organism will be. Let alone the galactic organism, which lives 7 levels above us.


6-5 Integrative Transcendence of the Universe

So, what will the transcendentally integrated Cosmos, the integratively transcended Universe, the Universal Organism, be like?

It will be everywhere present inside this Cosmos; therefore, anywhere within itself, the Universal Organism is omnipresent.

It will embrace the knowledge in all the libraries of all the planets in this Cosmos and in all their intercommunication networks; therefore, it is all knowing, or omniscient.

It will be 10 levels more powerful than the metazoan human and 8 levels more powerful than the United States; therefore, for all intents and purposes, it is all-powerful, or omnipotent.

And what has always been described as omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent?

You tell me.

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