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So, what does OmniScience say about the "inconceivable", "unspeakable" Tao? Two pairs of two words: Transcendental Integration and/or Integrative Transcendence. TI/IT is the Way of the Cosmos, to which the optimal Way of Humanity abides.

And what does OmniScience say about us Homo sapiens?

Our cosmic place: We human beings are humble Level 3 organisms within the 13-levelled structure of life and consciousness in the Cosmos.

Our cosmic purpose: We are the key species in the integrative transcendence of our infinitely beautiful planet Earth, and the Earth-originated biological basis for higher civilization among the stars.

Our cosmic destiny: We are a fleeting but integral part of the transcendentally integrating Cosmos, our integratively transcending Universe, the metamorphosing embryo of a new Super-Being no less than "God".

Finally, what does OmniScience say about us personally? Why are we born in this place and time, as human beings?

To participate in and contribute to the integrative transcendence of the Earth.

So, where does freewill-versus-destiny come in all of this? Which way will the chips fall in this old philosophical debate?

"Is the Earth destined to be born, or be still-born?" I asked Cosmic Wisdom one night, again beneath the stars.

I was instructed to build a pyramid with five round rocks, four as the base and one as the apex. I was further instructed to write on a piece of paper, "The Earth is destined to die." I was then to crunch the paper into a ball, and have the ball inserted into the space in the centre of the pyramid.

"If the Earth is destined to live, and live on for the next five billion years until the Sun burns out, a cosmic hand of destiny will reach into the pyramid and reduce the paper to ashes," I was told. "If the paper ball remains intact after sunrise, the Earth shall die."

I sat up waiting all night the longest night in my life when, seconds before sunrise, a cosmic hand of destiny did reach into the pyramid, and reduced the paper to ashes.

In the first rays of the rising sun, I regarded the still smoldering match, held between the thumb and index finger of this "cosmic hand of destiny", which was my own.

And I am certain that this experiment is repeatable, time and again, with anyone who would care to try it, as long as the heart of that person is for the integrative transcendence of our planet Earth.



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