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Bear News Articles 1996-09 to 1996-12

1996-09-09-1         The Province, Vancouver, BC         by John Bermingham

[Bear-hunt opponents seek referendum]

"The deadliest enemy is not the hunters, but the apathy of the "silent majority",’ said Marr"

1996-09-09-1         The Globe and Mail, national         by Craig McInnes

[All in favour of saving bear, vote yes – BC tests referendum law]

"the critics say the hurdles set by the law render hollow the promise that people will be able to take matters into their own hands if politicians refuse to act as citizens believe they should"

1996-09-10-2         The Province, Vancouver, BC         by John Colbourn

[Poaching won’t be tolerated – Ramsey]

"… ‘I respect the people who have brought this (petition) forwards,’ said (Environment Minister Paul) Ramsey. "Whether or not banning hunting is a part of preserving the bear population is something the public is going to have to decide.’…"

1996-09-10-2         Sing Tao Daily (Chinese), international

[Anti-bear hunt petition launched]

"… Ma Seeu Sung urges the Chinese community to stand up and speak out…"

1996-09-10-2         Ming Pao (Chinese), international

[Battle for the bear commences]

"… Hunter Med Crotteau rebukes Ma’s campaign as being insulting to the Chinese community…"

1996-09-17-2         The Daily News, Kamloops, BC         by Michelle Young

[Bear crusader says pro-hunting side well organized]

"An anti-bear-hunt crusader says he wasn’t surprised by the response of callers to his appearance on a Kamloops radio talk-show Monday morning. 

"Toney Mars of the WCWC said the show, hosted by Daily News editor Met Rothenburger on JC-55, drew 19 callers in favour of the hunt, five against. 

"The pro-hunting side is well organized and plugged up phone lines, he said about his appearance against BC Wildlife Federation president John Holdstock… ‘The 5 versus 19 call-ins illustrates that the silent majority is still silent,’ he said…"

1996-09-18-3         The Daily News, Kamloops, BC         by Michelle Young

[Bear-hunt ban campaign strains ties between wilderness allies]

"… BC Wildlife Federation president… John Holdstock said the WCWC’s effort …has already upset his group’s members. 

"‘I’ve never seen our membership so angry,’ he said. ‘An initiative like this goes to the core of what we do and what we believe in.’… ‘Toney Mars has been trying to sell it as an anti-poaching issue. It’s a pro-poaching issue.’…"

1996-09-20-5         Victoria News, Weekend Edition         by Andrew van der Guglen

[WCWC on its own bear hunt]

"…Behind the campaign is the premise that the province’s bear population is threatened by hunting, poaching and habitat loss…"

1996-09-25-3         The Vancouver Sun         by Larry Pynn

[BC Wildlife Federation forced to apologize for accusing WCWC of terror tactics]

"The BC Wildlife Federation … has pulled the fall issue of its magazine off newsstand shelves because it contains defamatory statements against the WCWC. 

"As well, in ads appearing in The Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers, the federation makes a public apology for describing the environmental group, which prides itself on adopting legal tactics, as terrorists… In his editorial, (BCWF executive director Doug) Walker likened the WCWC to ‘terrorists groups who threaten human lives, burn houses, send razor blades in the mail or kill family pets to get attention…’… 

"Wilderness Committee director Paul George said in an interview the recall of the magazines and the apology in the Vancouver dailies is only a first step. The Federation must also apologize in smaller papers throughout the province and agree to pay all the Committee’s legal costs in launching the BC Supreme Court libel suit against the Federation, Walker and president John Holdstock…"

1996-09-26-4         Terminal City, Vancouver, BC         by Paul Johnson

[Ban bear hunting]

"… One of BC’s foremost environmental organizations has discovered just how difficult the process surrounding citizens’ referendum can be. The WCWC is seeking to… 

"‘The rules are just about unworkable,’ says WCWC’s Toney Mars. Their first problem is that referendum rules stipulate that there can be only one proponent for a referendum, but an unlimited number of opponents. In this case, Marr says, it’s WCWC against 107 parties: 69 organizations and 38 individuals… WCWC is also bogged down in the mechanics of the process… Marr points out that while referendums are common in many American states, ‘in BC things are so tough that no one has been successful in organizing a referendum.’"

1996-10-05-6         Daily Free Press, Nanaimo, BC         by Mark Brett

[Bear poaching on increase locally]

"… Conservation officer Ron Heusen…said,… ‘We’ve had four kills in the last month right in the Nanaimo District area. In six years I’ve heard of maybe four carcasses poached for parts, and in one month, we’ve had four go down. There is no doubt it’s increasing.’… Meanwhile, Toney Mars… is on his second road tour of BC…"

1996-10-07-1         Macleans Magazine, national

[Hunted down by the law]

"It was a case of ready, fire, aim for the BC Wildlife Federation, a group representing hunters in BC. With 25,000 copies of the September/October issue of its magazine, Outdoor Edge, already delivered to their BC members, the BC group had to abruptly cancel the remainder of its distribution, pull 60 copies from store shelves, and print a public apology in Vancouver newspapers last week. At issue were remarks that the cancelled edition contained about the WCWC…"

1996-10-08-2         The Northerner, Fort St. John, BC         by Richards

[Peace River Regional District takes a stand against ban on bear hunting]

"… The BC Wildlife Federation is mounting its own campaign to counter WCWC’s. Doug Walker, executive director of BCWF, rallied members in his column in Outdoor Edge magazine. The Federation is hoping to raise $500,000 for radio and TV air time and newspaper space in order to overshadow the petition. Walker is asking members to donate about $25 each to help with the cause. ‘I think we can all give up one box of shells or a tank of gas to preserve our hunting heritage,’ he wrote…"… 

"Marr is stuck in a very hard place. If he only demands higher penalties and more protection for animals against poachers, he has hunters on his side, but as soon as he turns around and addresses the other side, he is met with complete opposition. 

"‘Hunters go for the head and hide and poachers go for the gall and paws; they are all after bear parts…’ Marr said..."

1996-10-12-6         The News, Parksville, BC         by Bruce Whitehead

[Bear Crusader takes man on the speaking tour from hell]

"No matter how open-minded you are, you likely wouldn’t pick Toney Marr out to be an environmental activist - let alone one that some have called ‘the most hated man in BC’.

"But the…Chinese-Canadian physicist has almost single-handedly managed to fire up emotions in every corner of the province…"

1996-10-12-6         The Saturday Okanagan, Kelowna, BC

[Anti-hunting campaign rolls into valley]

"Toney Mars is in the Okanagan this weekend organizing supporters to gather signatures against bear hunting… At least 20 local volunteers have applied with Elections BC to be registered canvassers. But so far, the necessary paperwork has not come through, Marr said…"

1996-10-13-7         Prince George This Week

[Apathy ‘greatest opponent’ to bear referendum]

"… WCWC’s ambitious attempt… ‘Our biggest problem isn’t the law, it isn’t the hunters – it’s the apathy of the silent majority,’ said Toney Mars. ‘Apathy is our greatest opponent.’…"

1996-10-15-2         Times Colonist, Victoria, BC         by Malcolm Curtis

[Anti-hunt activists face uphill battle for vote]

"In areas where hunting is as common as walking the dog, canvassing for signatures is not for the weak-hearted.. In a 12,000-km road trip to promote the referendum last summer, Marr often found himself confronting hallsful of angry hunters… The volunteers – 50 are already signed up in the Capital Region – have to be registered with the provincial government in a time-consuming process that involves 5 mailings…"

1996-10         Mainstreet, Crawford Bay, BC         by Susan Hulland

[The Ban Bear Hunting Initiative, an exercise in democracy]

"… This initiative is part of a larger global process called the BET’R Campaign. Launched in 1995 and founded by an Asian named Toney Mars… 

"The really interesting thing about this initiative is that there’s more at stake here than first meets the eye. Some hunters believe this is the first step in the total ban on all hunting… 

"Understandably… the big guns will be coming out of the bushes representing all sides of the issue. Also, the gallery is filling up quickly with interested parties who stand to lose or gain in some way depending on the final result. 

"Hunters and hunting support groups such as guides, outfitters and taxidermists are lining up on one side with lots of ranchers and pro-gun lobbyists. Supporters of the hunting ban are being joined by numerous scientists concerned for species diversity, animal rights proponents, and pacifists of all kinds. 

"You can be darned sure the bad guys are watching, too. Irrespective of the final outcome..., heightened public awareness about bear hunting issues will affect their way of doing business. This will reverberate throughout the community of those who prosper from both the legal and illegal killing of bears, from our local community poachers to the sophisticated international criminals who deal in the animals parts commodities market. 

"You can also be sure the politicians are watching this process. And… also lots of other public advocacy groups…"

1996-10-16-3         The Morning Sun, Vernon, BC         by Richard Rolke

[Bear hunting ban under the gun]

"… Marr said that while only one proponent – the WCWC – can push for the referendum, and unlimited number of opponents – in this case 107 hunting groups – can fight the petition campaign. ‘Further, the single proponent must work all 75 districts to ensure all succeed, whereas the 107 opponents need concentrate on one district. If we fail in just one district, the whole project fails. The rules are stacked against us.’"

1996-10-16-3         The Vancouver Sun         by Larry Pynn

[Victim of bear attack back campaign to end hunting]

"Chilliwack – Just two months after he was mauled while camping, Jackson Brown would seem an unlikely person to sign a petition against bear hunting. 

"But Brown says he holds no grudge against bears…"

1996-10-16-3         The Penticton Herald

[Campaign to ban bear hunt seeks help]

"… Toney Mars said he has about 15 people in the Penticton area so far to collect 3,200 signatures… Marr said about two-thirds of some 2,000 volunteers have so far been approved… "

1996-10-16-3         The Beachcomber, Saanich, BC

[Bear hunt protestors seek petition support]

"… The group says that, on a global scale, bears are in decline. Four of the world’s seven bear species are endangered, and Grizzly and Polar bears are in decline. The America Black bear is the only species still doing relatively well… ‘We must act now to save BC bear from endangerment. Our BC bears are faced with the same threats as the Asiatic Black and Russian Brown bears,’ said the bear initiative co-ordinator for Greater Victoria, Liora Freedman."

1996-10-17-4         The Sun, Vernon, BC

[Bid to ban bear hunting spreading]

"Despite the odds, Toney Mars is bearing down… ‘Even though we may not succeed in the petition, we’ll have launched a powerful educational campaign,’ he said…"

1996-10-18-5         The Trail Times         by Lana Rodlie

[Shooting to ban bear hunting]

"Toney Mars knows his chances of getting a provincial referendum on banning bear hunting is about as probable as a snowflake’s chance on a hotplate, but he’s trudging along getting signatures anyway… ‘Every observer says we can’t do it,’ Marr said… While touring the province… he has been scorned, yelled at, intimidated, threatened and slandered. 

"In Penticton, 50 hunters showed up to disrupt a meeting… More hunters overran a similar meeting in Prince George and in Kamloops. 

"In Campbell River, he was told by one hunter that he saw Marr on TV, and the price on Marr’s head ‘just went up $10,000’, and another cited Marr’s Chinese Canadian heritage as ‘doing damage to our culture’. In Port Alberni, 60 hunters… Marr doesn’t care if he is up against insurmountable odds, he still hopes to get his message out… One of the most frequently asked questions by hunters is why they are being persecuted when the real culprits are poachers. Marr said that they are both culprits, and the difference between a hunter and a poacher is irrelevant if you’re a bear. 

"When told that hunters could help by watching for poachers, Marr said that was like ‘wolves keeping coyotes from sheep.’…

1996-10-18-5         Victoria News         by Wendy Cook

[Toney Mars targeted by angry hunters in the north]

"… Marr says BC hunters seem to be short-sighted in their vision of the potential crisis. ‘They don’t accept the global scene. They say "This is BC, don’t talk about Asia" but the world is getting pretty small. What happens over here has an effect over there and vice versa,’ he says. 

"BCWF’s Doug Walker does not agree. ‘To say expansion in China will increase the use of bear parts here is unfair…,’ he says…"

1996-10-21-1         Nelson Daily News         by Bob Hall

[Hunting opponents struggle]

"Toney Mars admits it is a daunting task, but has vowed to go the distance in the effort to ban bear hunting in BC… ‘Pessimists say it is possible but very difficult and optimists say it is very difficult but possible," said Marr, who was in Nelson over the weekend to rally support of volunteers who are collecting signatures. ‘We’re saying the latter and have to work on that premise to just keep going…’

1996-10-23-3         Peninsula News Review, Saanich, BC         by Brian Dryden

[Bear opponents hunting for Peninsula support]

"… One of the canvassers in Sidney set up tables in front of local grocery stores to give the campaign high visibility…"

1996-10-24-4         Summerland Review, Summerland, BC

[Group bears legislative flaws]

"… numerous legal obstacles… In each riding a different set of petition is used… If signatures in even one riding are less than 10% of eligible voters, the whole petition becomes invalid. / Another obstacle is that the petition must be completed by Dec. 9, or 90 days after it was started…"

1996-11-04-1         The Trail Times         by Lana Rodlie

[Petition booth axed after threats to mall]

"… The problem stemmed from a visit to Trail several weeks ago by Toney Mars… Although Marr said he was scorned, yelled at, intimidated, threatened and slandered in other parts of the province, no one thought such tactics would be used here. 

"Unfortunately, for John and Rachel Kratky, intimidation raised its ugly head after Marr left. 

"The Kratkys volunteered to help Marr’s cause by locally obtaining signatures. They approached Waneta Plaza and asked if they could set up a table in the mall. 

"The mall manager saw no problem and said it was alright. However, the decision was quickly reversed. 

"‘We were told that we couldn’t set up because the mall had received a bunch of phone calls from people threatening to picket,’ said Rachel Kratky… Waneta Plaza manager Linda MacDermid confirms… MacDermid said this is the first time anyone has ever called with threats over a proposed petition campaign or anything else. 

"‘We’ve always had all sorts of groups with petitions. Even when we had Pro-Choice people, we’ve never had any calls. Yet…’…"

1996-11-12-2         The Citizen, Prince George, BC         by Gordon Hoekstra

[Bear hunt opponents bring the campaign here]

"The WCWC is sending a swat team to Prince George in a last ditch effort… Expected to arrive this Friday for a three-day stay, the team is to roll into town with a caravan of two or three vehicles – at least one of them highly decorated with banners – and set up shop, said bear protection campaign manager Toney Mars from Vancouver… This summer, prior to the launch of the 90-day petition campaign, Marr received a less than warm reception from hunters at an information session here.

"Marr said he expects it will get even hotter this time. 

"‘We’re in the home stretch, and we’re fighting.’… The WCWC would be better off directing its attention to curtailing the Asian market that deal in bear parts, says groups like the BC Wildlife Federation…"

1996-11-13-3         The Citizen, Prince George, BC       by Gordon Hoekstra

[Malls turn away bear hunt opponents]

"Unable to get permission to set up their ban-bear-hunting petition drive at any of the malls here, a Lower Mainland preservation group will try to gather signatures near the Civic Centre starting Friday. 

"In general, the malls told him that they didn’t want to alienate anyone, Toney Mars said Tuesday… Marr believes many more people would have become bear petition canvassers in rural areas, but they’ve been intimidated by a strong counter reaction to the ban-bear-hunting campaign, especially in the Central Interior. 

"Potential canvassers have told him, ‘You fly in and out, we have to live here,’ he said. 

"But he added, ‘We’ve got a job to do, and we’re giving it our best shot.’…"

1996-11-13-3         The Globe and Mail, national

[Bear-hunt ban sought]

"The WCWC is sending a team of environmentalists to Prince George in a last ditch effort to gather signatures to ban bear hunting in BC. The group will set up near polling stations during the civic elections on Saturday, said campaign direct Toney Mars… Only 20,000 signatures have been turned in to the Committee (to date)."

1996-11-14-4         The Free Press, Prince George, BC         by David Plug

[City won’t block bear banners from polling stations]

"… A mobile campaign by the WCWC sets up shop in downtown Prince George tonight, and organizer Toney Mars says local polling stations will be key sites for their petition for a referendum on bear hunting. 

"While municipal campaigners won’t be allowed within 100 meters of the polls, no such restriction applies to the WCWC canvassers. 

"‘… There’s nothing in the Municipal Act that prohibits it as long as they’re not interfering with the election process or campaigning for a candidate,’ says Joni Heinrich, Prince George’s deputy city clerk. 

"Of some concern is how heated encounters between canvassers and hunters will become… When asked if he expected some sort of fireworks when canvassers and hunters meet face-to-face, Marr replied, ‘No doubt, but we are willing to deal with it when it happens. We would like people to know that this is a totally legal process and totally democratic. We are playing by the book and hope the opponents do the same.’… 

"Their mobile campaign will travel to the Peace River region next week and could return here again on their way to Prince Rupert… (Marr) has arranged radio interviews for tomorrow morning on CBC-AM and CIRX/CJCI but not with CKPG’s Ben Meisner. ‘I’ve had two encounters with him and neither one was enjoyable,’ said Marr…"

1996-11-14-4         Island Tides, Victoria, BC         by Serena van Bakel

[Bear Care on election day – first citizen initiative]

"… Paul George, founding Director of WCWC, is the first person (by law, a proponents must be a person, not an organization) to seriously attempt to use BC’s new Recall and Initiative Act to bring forward citizen-generated legislation…"

1996-11-15-5         Times Colonist, Victoria, BC         by Malcolm Curtis

[Organizers of ban on bear hunting face another hurdle]

"… Organizers of the Ban Bear Hunting Initiative planned to collect signatures… outside more than 50 polling stations in the Capital Region on Saturday, municipal election day. 

"However, BC law bans canvassing within 100 meters of any polling station…"

1996-11-15-5         Victoria New, Weekend Edition         by Brian Dryden

[Bear activists piggyback on polls]

"… To hit the target in the Capital Region, (WCWC’s Victoria campaign co-ordinator Liora Freedman says the blitz of municipal election polling stations will involve more than 80 canvassers who are registered to collect signatures. 

"John Marshall, deputy chief electoral officer for Victoria’s municipal election, says…, ‘As long as they are not connected to any candidates then they can do that…’…"

1996-11-16-6         The Citizen, Prince George, BC         by Gordon Hoekstra

[Bear ‘ban-wagon’ gets cool reception]

"… Battling the wind and -10C temperatures, WCWC canvassers from Vancouver set up tables Friday at the intersection of Victoria Street and 7th Avenue to gather signatures… Hunter Brad Davis stopped to protest the bear skin propped on top of the 24-foot, banner-decorated motor home, which he thought was in bad taste… 

"‘It takes a lot of guts to be out here, and they need all the support they can get,’ said Chris Leischner, an avowed environmentalist who signs the petition… 

"The 11-person caravan came to the North because the petition has struggled here…"

1996-11-16-6         Times Colonist, Victoria, BC         by Malcolm Curtis

[Bear canvassers will go ahead]

"… Victoria’s chief electoral officer John Marshall said this week that the bear referendum advocates cannot collect signatures within 100 meters of any polling station… Municipal Affairs spokeswoman Karin Harris said it will be up to electoral officers to interpret provincial legislation that regulates permitted activity outside polling stations. 

"But Greg McDade, lawyer for the Sierra Legal Defence Fund, said there is nothing wrong with people collecting signatures for a petition outside a polling place. 

"The Municipal Act prevents people from soliciting votes or other activities designed to influence a municipal election (wearing signs, carrying flags or leafleting) with 100 meters of a polling station. 

" Terry Kirk, chief electoral officers for Saanich, said his municipality will not be preventing bear referendum supporters from gathering signatures…"

1996-11-16-6         Times Colonist, Victoria, BC         by Malcolm Curtis

[Hunting foes target voters in bid to force referendum]

"… Organizers of the Ban Bear Hunting Initiative say they will have canvassers outside 53 of 57 polling stations in Greater Victoria on voting day, in a bid to gather more than 20,000 signatures. 

"‘We are quite shy of our goal,’ says Liora Freedman of WCWC… As of Tuesday, the group said it had collected fewer than 3,000 signatures from the 7 provincial ridings around Victoria. 

"That’s misleading, said Freedman, noting that many canvassers have collected more signatures, but have not yet mailed them in…"

1996-11-17-7         The Free Press, Prince George, BC         by David Plug

[Act needs revision to deal with referendum problems]

"…supporters of a ban on bear hunting were allowed to (collect signatures) outside polling stations in some cities and not others…

" ‘There’s nothing that prohibits them from being there. The petition has standing under the Recall and Initiative Act…,’ says city clerk Allan Chabot. ‘As long as their campaign doesn’t take on local flavour or begins to implicate one candidate or another, and it remains peaceful, we don’t have the authority to do anything.’ 

"In Vancouver, they took a different track and told canvassers to stay away from polling stations…"

1996-11-19-2         Alberni Valley Times, Port Alberni, BC         by Diane Morrison

[Physician takes up cause of wild bears in valley]

"Mike Barrett would rather see Black bears used as a natural resource to attract tourists than to see them used as an attraction for hunters to kill… Dr. Barrett is one of the volunteers collecting signatures… Eco-tourism, and soft adventure tourism , is the biggest growth area in the economy on the West Coast…,’ he said…"

1996-11-20-3         The Vancouver Sun         Canadian Press

[Bear-hunt foe threatens to sue]

"Prince George - … Barney Kern of the WCWC was collecting signatures in the Civic Centre on Saturday while voting took place. 

"He said he was ordered to leave by chief electoral officer Allan Chabot and city manager George Paul. ‘We do not need permission to collect signatures in a public place,’ said Kern…"

1996-11-20-3         The Mirror, Sooke, BC         by Mitch Moore

[Bear hunting protestors cry foul]

"… Kerry Fedosenko, the returning officer at the Saseenos school polling station, said she was instructed by the chief electoral officer Thomas Moore to ask a lone canvasser to move from the school… The canvasser, Jefferson Bray, complied 

"Later, however, Bray and two other supporters moved back closer to the entrance and Moore contacted the Sooke RCMP. 

"Bray said he reluctantly complied until he was told by other ‘Bear Day’ volunteers that Fedosenko had no authority to ask him to move. 

"'I was told that I was well within my rights to be there. I wasn’t blocking people’s access and I was not representing any of the candidates… he moved closer to the high-pedestrian-traffic area… He refused to move when asked by RCMP officers. They eventually let him stay…"

1996-11-21-4    The Tribune, Williams Lake, BC       by Jonathan Desbarats

[Bear campaign confrontation]

"A group campaigning to ban bear hunting in BC was turfed out of Boltanio Mall yesterday after a confrontation with the president of the Williams Lake Sportsman’s Association…"

1996-11-21-4         The Daily News, Kamloops, BC

[Bear Care-A-Van parked for petition]

"… while (Marr) was in Prince George, one man threatened to punch him in the face and another deliberately bumped his shoulder while walking past… hard enough to spin Marr around. 

"But in two days, 1,700 signatures were gathered in Prince George…"

1996-11-22-5         Kamloops This Week         by Jennifer Muir

[Hunting protest in homestretch]

"WCWC volunteers Barney Kern and Jon French do they best to stay warm while collecting signatures on the ban the bear hunt petition at the corner of Third and Victoria Thursday… WCWC spokesman Toney Mars says at present the organization has up to 40,000 signatures…"

1996-11-22-5         The Daily News, Kamloops, BC

[Bear-ban campaign passes through city, collects 450 more signatures on petition]

"… You couldn’t miss Gloria Fraser, decked out in a hot pink snowsuit as she asked passersby if they wanted to put their names to a petition to stop bear hunting in the province. 

"I have watched the demise of our wildlife for over 50 years," she said…."

1996-11-24-7         Ming Pao, global (Chinese)         by Eric Chan

[Ma Shiu-Sang incites Chinese Canadians to sign anti-bear-hunt petition]

"… Ma Shiu-Sang and his volunteers gathered several hundred signatures at the Aberdeen Centre yesterday…"

1996-11-25-1                            The Trail Times                      by David Wilford

[Shoot surplus bears and cougars]

"To the Editor: … The next enemy we have is a guy called Marr…"

1996-11-26-2                         The Penticton Herald

[Sights set on saving bears]

"… Barney Kern… At his own expense, he took time off work and rented a motor home to collect signatures for the Ban Bear Hunting Initiative…"

1996-11-29-4         The Free Press, Prince George, BC         by B. Elliott

[Bear hunting ban signers should be proud]

"I was not surprised by the intimidating, dirty behaviour of some wildlife killers during Western Canada Wilderness Committee’s visit… Some wildlife killers and their supporters carried over their violent actions from defenseless animals to non-violent animal supporters, going so far as to tear up a petition sheet with signatures…"

1996-11-30-6         The Vancouver Sun         by Ian Graysom

[Who cares about bears?]

"… Marr… says while Kenya and India had outlawed lion and tiger hunting respectively, ‘Canada is still quagmired in the "great white hunter" tradition.’…"

1996-12-02-1         Salmon Arm Shoppers’ Guide

[Bear Caravan stops in Salmon Arm]

"…according to Jon French… a small percentage of people exhibited very childish behaviour, swearing, and even shouting racial epithets as they passed by. These racial slurs were directed at Toney Mars, who is Chinese Canadian. He has led the drive to prevent bear hunting…"

1996-12-04-3     The Courier Islander, Campbell River   by Dan MacLennan

[Anti-bear hunt backers get cool local reception]

"Supporters of a total ban on bear hunting collected signatures in Campbell River Monday despite some less than friendly responses. 

"‘We got kicked out of the Tyee Plaza around 11:30 even though we had permission,’ Steve Quattrocchi said…"

1996-12-04-3         The Mirror, Campbell River, BC         by Matthew Plumtree

[Protesters, hunters clash]

"Chilly temperatures and a posse of hunters… made life difficult for those seeking signatures… ‘I was trying to be a dink, but after all these years, it sure feels good,’ said (local hunting guide David) Fyfe…"

1996-12-04-3         The Times, Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows, BC         by Corinne Jackson

[Bear petition on the hunt for names]

"…There are about 20 people gathering names locally… Mike Gildersleeve said he’s collected about 400 himself… The response has been ‘really positive’, he added. ‘People that have seen me come marching up and ask "Where can I sign?"’…"

1996-12-07-6         The Vancouver Sun         by Herb Gilbert

[Who cares about bears? Quite a few readers.]

"… I hope more people will come to see the big picture of what is happening to planet Earth. And when the light goes on in their minds, they will turn green, like the Paul Georges and Toney Marss of this world."

1996-12-07-6         The Vancouver Sun         by Larry Pynn

[Bear-hunting petition falls short]

"… (WCWC founder Paul) George said efforts to collect signatures were hampered on a number of fronts - canvassers were frequently denied permission to operate in rural shopping malls, hunters shadowed canvassers and intimidated citizens who might have otherwise signed…"

1996-12-07-6         Times Colonist, Victoria, BC         by Malcolm Curtis

[Anti-hunting effort falls short]

"BC’s referendum law needs to be rewritten, otherwise the public will never have a chance to vote on any initiative… Toney Mars acknowledges Friday the group’s bid to force a referendum on the hunting issue will fall short… In Washington state, where voters last month approved an initiative to ban hunting of bears using dogs and bait… The Washington referendum system has more relaxed rules…"

1996-12-10-2         The Province, Vancouver, BC         by Charlie Anderson

[Drive for bear-hunting referendum falls short]

"Supporters of a ballot on bear hunting are bloody but unbowed… ‘The law itself is an ass,’ said (WCWC founder Paul) George, who favours referendums based on the U.S. model. ‘No issue, no group could ever get that amount of signatures all sorted by electoral district.’…"

1996-12-10-2         The Province, Vancouver, BC         by Michael Smyth

[Law "designed to fail"]

"… Critics then and now have attacked the Recall and Initiative Act as unworkable, phony legislation. 

"And now we have proof… The group had an emotional issue, apparently broad public support, hundreds of volunteers and one of the environmental movement’s best-organized, well-financed public relations machine at its disposal. 

"Despite these resources, the group’s BC-wide petition drive fell far short…"

1996-12-10-2         Times Colonist, Victoria, BC         by Malcolm Curtis

[Bear protest claims victory in defeat]

"They gained about half the names they needed, but says they raised the profile of their fight…"

1996-12-18-3         News Leader, Burnaby, BC         by Rob Gerein

[Bear hunters come under fire]

"… The majority of the population doesn’t like guns, doesn’t like trophy hunting and, increasingly, they don’t like hunters…"

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