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Bear News Articles 1998-1999

1998-01-21-3                     The Vancouver Sun                    by Stephen Hume

[Bear-hunting foe attacked in city]

"BC environmentalist Toney Mars is recovering after being beaten by a burly man who said, ˜Let this be a lesson to you.™¦

"˜... it merely strengthens my resolve to continue with this campaign¦™, said Marr¦"

1998-01-21-3         Ming Pao Daily News (Chinese), global

[Marr Shiu-Sung assaulted]

"¦ Around 7:30 yesterday evening, when Marr was returning to his car after a dinner with his parents, a man approached him and asked if he was Toney Mars. When Marr said ˜Yes™, the man launched his fist attack¦"

1998-01-22-4                 The Westender, Vancouver

[Protector of bears mauled by attacker]

"¦ Toney Mars received a flurry of blows to the face and head, resulting in a fractured cheekbone and damaged eye socket¦"

1998-04-29         Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, ON         by Michael Den Tandt

[RCMP cracks down on trade in endangered animal parts]

"Toronto - The RCMP and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources have taken a bite out of this city™s lucrative trade in endangered animal parts, a move conservationists say is long overdue¦

"Asked whether (Viagra) may take some pressure off endangered species, Mr. Marr said¦ ˜If it doesn™t harm the environment, or any species, and it helps someone™s quality of life, then it™s a private manner.™

"He added, ˜I™ve seen one or two people on TV - and they really vouch for it. Including their wives."

1998-05-13-3         The Vancouver Courier         by Gudrun Will

[Beating no bar to bear pal - Marr back on the road in defence of grizzlies]

"Animal conservationist Toney Mars is anything but intimidated after getting a fist in the face in a West End alley, delivered with the not-so-cryptic message: ˜Let this be a lesson to you.™

"The January attack by an unknown assailant broke his nose, cracked his cheekbone and damaged his right eye socket. Rather than shutting him up, it inspired him to undertake another road trip to stop the grizzly bear hunt in BC¦"

1998-05-22-5         Capital News, Kelowna, BC         by John McDonald

[Grizzly hunting under fire]

"Hunters and anti-hunting activists came face-to-face last night at a forum to discuss a campaign to ban the harvest of grizzly bears¦

"Veteran anti-bear hunt campaigner Toney Mars was in Kelowna hosting a multi-media presentation.."

1998-05-25-1         The Daily Courier, Kelowna, BC         by Chuck Poulsen

[Protecting the Grizzlies - Project aimed at ending hunt]

"Environmentalist Toney Mars¦ was in the Okanagan recently as part of a six-week campaign that will take him throughout BC handing out cards that he hopes hunting foes will mail to Premier Glen Clark¦

"¦Estimates of the number of Grizzlies in BC vary. Marr says independent biologists put the figure at 4,000-7,000, which on the high side was the government™s estimate in 1979.

"˜In 1980, the government was charged with over-hunting, (but instead of lowering the limit, the government) raised the population estimate to 10,000-13,000,™ he said. ˜The government and the hunters have been playing up the population and playing down the amount of poaching (to justify continued over-hunting)¦™¦"

1998-05-27-3                     The Trail Times                      by Lana Rodlie

[Anti-bear-hunting campaigner struggles on]

"After failure to get enough signatures in 1996 to force a referendum on the hunting of bears in the province, and after having his face seriously rearranged by someone who doesn™t like his politics, Toney Mars is back on the road, more determined than ever, to put an end to the trophy hunting of the grizzly bear in BC¦

"˜The BC Wildlife Federation and the government have worked close together since the 1940s to... maintain hunting. It is hunting policy for hunters, by hunters,™ Marr said¦"

1998-05-29-5         Capital News, Kelowna, BC             by Judie Steeves

[Grisly details reveal the awful truth about beat attacks]

"¦ In October 1995, this community was shocked by the deaths of a well-liked Gorman Brothers™ Lumber employee and his buddy who were both killed by a grizzly bear near Radium Hot Spring while they were hunting.

"Yet, Toney Mars¦ was in town last week calling for a ban on grizzly bear hunting¦"

1998-05-30         The Daily Courier, Kelowna, BC         by C.W. Holford

[Hunt controls poaching]

"To the editor:

"It is apparent that Toney Mars has embarked on another pilgrimage to ensure an ample supply of grizzly bear parts for his countrymen™s medicinal chest¦

"Though it does generate a great wealth for the few that Marr and his associates seem to be cohesive with, poaching bears generates little if any tax revenue¦"

1998-06-14-7         Capital News Weekend Close-Up        by Judie Steeves

[Loaded for bear - Bear hunting under fire]

"¦ Toney Mars¦ says that bear-watching eco-tourism can create more jobs and revenue than bear hunting¦"

1998-06-19-5         Kamloops Daily News

[Group asks public to support ban on grizzly bear hunts in BC]

"Environmentalists will try again to get a ban on grizzly bear hunting in BC, this time by going straight to the people.

"Toney Mars said that the latest campaign weapon is a ˜do it yourself postcard open poll™.

"The WCWC will distribute thousands of postcards across BC and Canada, allowing people to say what they think about grizzly bear hunting. The cards allow both hunters and environmentalists to express their opinions.

"The ˜3-part-post-cards™ - picturing a live grizzly bear on one part, and a dead one with a grinning hunter on another - are addressed to Premier Glen Clark and the BC legislature¦"

1998-07         Shared Vision magazine, Vancouver, BC       by Toney Mars

[Losing our grip on the Grizzly?]

"By the time you read this, I™ll probably be debating with a group of a hundred hostile hunters in a lecture hall somewhere in the BC interior, or busy eluding some gun toting 4X4 tailgating my car on a deserted BC back road. Meanwhile, the Grizzly bear hunt continues, and it must be stopped, for the following ten reasons:¦"

1998-07-03-5         The Globe and Mail, national

[Man set on saving grizzlies]

"Vancouver - Toney Mars is renewing his effort to ban grizzly bear hunting in BC despite a gruesome beating by an alleged critic that left him with a broken nose and eye socket.

"The campaigner¦ hit the road yesterday to visit 30 BC communities to fire up support for a bear-hunt ban that has been criticized by hunters¦"

1998-07-09-4         The Sun, Vernon, BC

[Activist wants bear hunting banned]

"The Canadian grizzly bear population should be glad they have a person like Toney Mars on their side¦

"During his 30 city tour¦ Marr is urging people to sign postcards with an unnerving photo of a dead grizzly bear on its cover¦

"Marr said over 25,000 of the cards have already been sent out and plans to circulate more than 200,000 by the time he is done his trip¦"

"Canada is seen as a very forward thinking country internationally, but Marr said this country is lagging behind many Third World countries in terms of trophy hunting¦

"˜The country really does not deserve its pro-environmental reputation, and it™s not a great country of spiritual development until we™ve got rid of trophy hunting.™"

1998-07-14-2                 Penticton Herald                 by Donna Henningson

[Committee targeting grizzly hunt]

"Ask Toney Mars where the light at the end of the tunnel is in his fight to stop the grizzly bear hunt in BC.

"˜The end of the tunnel is when the grizzly hunt is banned," said the wildlife campaigner¦"

1998-07-15-3      The Daily News, Kamloops, BC        by Robert Koopmans

[Bleak future seen for grizzly]

"Poaching, habitat loss and trophy hunting will be the downfall of BC™s grizzly bears, environmentalist Toney Mars told a small group of people Tuesday night¦

"He frequently compared the grizzly to tigers in India. In the space of a few decades, tiger populations have plummeted from more than 50,000 to virtual extinction. Marr said BC needs to look at the tigers and take steps to prevent a similar catastrophe with the grizzlies.

"One man in the audience challenged Marr on his statements about hunters™ reasons for killing grizzlies. Marr asked the man why he would want to kill a grizzly anyway¦"

1998-07-16-4        The Shuswap Sun, Salmon Arm         by Daniel McHardie

[Activist continuing fight to save bears]

"¦ Toney Mars was in Salmon Arm to continue the fight against the killing¦ He said that of the eight species of bears in the world, five have been hunted to the brink of extinction, and the remaining three (the Grizzly bear, Polar bear and American Black bear) are largely in Canada¦ ˜¦ but the Grizzly will be next, unless we take steps to protect them now.™¦"

1998-07-17-5             Kamloops This Week              by Elizabeth Duurtsema

[Toney Mars: Halt bear hunt]

"Cutting both the supply and demand for endangered animal parts is key to saving bears, tigers, elephants and rhinos, says a Vancouver-based environmentalist.

"Speaking in Kamloops on Tuesday night¦ Toney Mars says he has addressed 32,000 students of all ethnic origins¦ ˜For me, it™s an emotional drive to protect the animals I love. I™ll keep doing this as long as one person sits and listens¦™¦"

1998-07-17-5                 Comox Valley Record

[Grizzly defender speaks]

"Toney Mars¦ is returning to the Comox Valley on Thursday July 23 at 7 p.m. at the Lower Native Sons Hall¦

"This man has endured the threats and harassment of hunters across BC, and survived a back alley attack in January of this year, all on account of his opposition to recreational hunting of bears¦"

1998-07-18-6         The Daily News, Kamloops, BC      by Mel Rothenburger

[Saving BC™s grizzly bears a daunting task]

"Toney Mars has one of the toughest challenges on earth. In a world that values the preservation of cultural traditions, he is trying to erase one of the most powerful. In the process, he hopes to save several major animal species from extinction.

"An ambitious goal to say the least. Despite devoting himself to it full time for the past several years, he has obtained only limited success. But that hasn™t discouraged him.

"Marr became a fairly well known media figure two years ago (and a despised one among recreational hunters) when he championed an attempt to ban all bear hunting in BC. He and WCWC failed¦ but he™s back at it with a brand new strategy¦

"I doubt that any policy will be changed this time either, but I admire Marr™s determination¦

"He has a plan to pose as a wealthy Chinese businessman and secretly video-tape the killing of a captured bear at a Korean ˜bear banquet™, ˜where they sometimes lower a bear in a cage on to a bed of hot coal until their paws are cooked, for maximum freshness and perhaps extreme entertainment,™ said Marr.

"It™s a long way from China or Taiwan or Korea to the backwoods of BC where trophy hunting takes place, but Marr is convinced that all of the atrocities against bears must be dealt with together¦

"That of course is where domestic opposition comes in¦

"A meeting here during the referendum campaign brought out some serious heckling. Almost disappointingly, there was little of that this time around. A debate with hunters is always fun, and often productive, and Marr enjoys it¦

"Toney Mars has a huge job ahead of him, and I hope he will one day succeed.

"It is strange to me that those who kill animals for entertainment control wildlife policy in this province, rather than those who want to keep them alive. If you doubt that, allow me to point out that the BC Wildlife Federation, which is an organization of hunters, proposed to Environment Minister Cathy McGregor earlier this year that non-hunters should have to buy a license to use the woods.

"She said she will seriously look into it."

1998-07-19-7         Salmon Arm Shoppers™ Guide         by Ruth Keskinen

[Bear advocate physically assaulted]

"¦ ˜Even though I™ve had martial arts training, the attack was so sudden and unexpected I didn™t stand a chance. I didn™t even have time to turn the other cheek if I wanted to,™ said Marr¦

"Toney Mars has made presentations to over 32,000 students throughout the province, and the vast majority of them have voted with raised hands that the killing of majestic wild animals for entertainment should be stopped¦"

1998-07-21-2                     Comox Valley Echo

[Bear activist speaks here Thursday]

"¦ Local organizer Ruth Masters finds any killing of bears ˜atrocious™ and reminds that one bear is poached for every one legally killed. ˜And the bears don™t know if the guy pulling the trigger had a license or not. They are still dead.™¦"

1998-07-24-5                 Campbell River Mirror                 by Sharon Bennett

[Bear activist hits the road again]

"¦ The attack only stoked Marr™s fiery passion to save the grizzly, and for the month of July he™s touring the province to warn the public of the grizzly™s imminent demise.

"¦ He recounts the story of a South Korean man who was caught in possession of 88 bear gall bladders and four times as many paws - a street value of about $500,000 US¦ He was fined CDN$3,500, roughly the same worth as one gall bladder.

"Marr says he questioned the judge about why the fine was so low, and admitted the judge™s argument makes sense¦ The trophy hunt is driven by European cultural tradition, the judge said, and the medicinal hunt is driven by Asian cultural tradition. Therefore, Marr says, the judge decided ˜it would be wrong to punish one culture™s tradition while the other culture™s tradition is still legal¦"

1998-07-24-5   The News Weekender, Parksville/Qualicum    by Jeff Vircoe

[Bearing the controversial issue to QB]

"He™s been beaten up for his opinions. He™s been called a turncoat by his own people. And he may be the Grizzly bear™s best friend¦ A one-man wrecking crew for those who believe hunting Grizzlies is okay, Marr™s controversial stance¦ has irritated countless hunting enthusiasts¦

"When hunters say that (bears will turn aggressive if not hunted), Marr says studies in Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks show that bears do not get more aggressive merely because they are protected¦"

1998-07-28-2         The Daily News, Nanaimo, BC         by Barry Peterson

[Sport Hunting appeals only to coarse bullies]

"Being unable to attend today™s presentation (by Toney Mars) at Beban Park¦ I wish nonetheless to lend my wholehearted support to the cause¦

"¦ that our government actually encourages this pathetically juvenile act of outdated manhood¦ is a clue to a mentality so philosophically starved it is almost frightening to contemplate¦"

1998-07-29-3                     Comox Valley Record                     by Karen Kwan

[Speaker brings shocking story]

"The images are disturbing.

"On the parched ground, many elephants lie crumpled, their tusks removed, their trunks just bloody stumps where they have been sawed off.

"A live tiger is strung upside down in a cage, hanging by his spread-eagled limbs, while people peered between the bars, gawking.

"Deep in the woods, a bear cub, who had scrambled up a tree to get away from poachers, was shot four times with arrows¦

"These scenes weren™t made-in-Hollywood horror stories, but are all too real - some of it happening right here in BC, according to animal conservationist Toney Mars¦ who was in Courtenay Thursday evening¦"

1998-07-29-3         The Westerly News, Ucluelet / Tofino

[Grizzly campaigner to speak}

"¦ Marr speaks at 7.00 p.m. during a slideshow presentation and discussion at the Wickaninnish Elementary School on August 2."

1998-07-30-4         Campbell River Courier-Islander         by Denise Hayes

[WC polls public on Grizzly bear hunting]

"¦ Toney Mars¦ believes poaching and legal hunting are both reprehensible because both create the same result - a dead bear¦"

1998-07-30-4                         Nanaimo Daily News

[Bear essentials aired at debate]

"When environmentalist Toney Mars brought his campaign to ban grizzly bear hunting to Nanaimo, his audience listened. Not everyone in the Beban Park meeting room Tuesday night agreed with him, but they all paid attention.

"Bob Morris, past-president of the BC Wildlife Federation, and Bill Derby, vice-president of the Nanaimo Fish and Game Protection Association, were two of a party of hunters who came to hear what Marr had to say about bear hunting. And to challenge his conclusions.

"Morris didn™t trust Marr™s motives, or those of WCWC.

"˜Basically their goal is to try and ban hunting altogether, using the grizzly bear as an icon.™ Marr replied that that would be a glorious quest, but one too distant for his remaining life span.

"Derby said the grizzly bear hunt is ˜very tightly controlled™, taking fewer bears than die as road kill. Morris said there was no need to ban the hunt, as the grizzly population is rising. Marr replied that grizzly bear hunt victims number about 300, higher than the road kill number, and that even according to the BC government, the grizzly bear population is decreasing in the long run.

"Derby said banning hunting might lead to more bears getting killed, because as they got more accustomed to being around people, they would get bolder.

"Marr answered that he™s heard all these arguments before. There was no evidence that stopping the hunt would make the bears more dangerous, such as in the Yellowstone and Glacier National Park, where grizzly hunting is not allowed¦

"Marr™s campaign has won him a variety of enemies¦"

1998-07-30-4             The Powell River Peak                 by Isabelle Southcott

[Activist improves public awareness of grizzlies]

"Canadian grizzly bear activist Toney Mars was in Powell River last week¦

"Marr™s push to save grizzlies is fueled by his disdain for recreational- and trophy-hunting traditions¦

"Marr said the maximum penalty of $25,000 (for grizzly violations) is not enough and should be ten times higher. ˜Because they can make so much money, the fine to them is just the cost of doing business.™¦"

1998-07-31-5         Times Colonist, Victoria, BC         by Cindy E. Harnett

[Crusade against grizzly hunt reaches Victoria]

"Toney Mars™s renewed campaign to ban grizzly bear hunting will take the high, rocky road to Victoria for a slideshow tonight at 7:30 p.m. in University of Victoria™s law building and a rally at the legislature on Saturday¦ This stop is one of the last in a month-long, province-wide tour¦

"Marr™s visits are known to spark fiery debates between hunters and non-hunters¦

"On a moral standpoint, Marr said this week, ˜¦ The moral reason alone¦ is big enough to ban hunting for entertainment and ego.™

"But BC Wildlife Federation immediate past-president John Holdstock said morality has nothing to do with hunting¦"

1998-07-31-5                 The Victoria News                 by Stephanie Coombs

[Rally against bear hunt targets legislature]

"¦ Toney Mars, who will be speaking at the rally¦ says the government isn™t managing the province™s grizzly bear population appropriately, and that they are caving in (and have been doing so for the last half century) to trophy hunters™ demands. (˜Some of them are trophy hunters themselves.™)¦

"The WCWC says independent biologists peg the provincial grizzly population at about 4,000-7,000, but the BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks says its studies place the population at 10,000-13,000.

"˜The grizzly population is decreasing over the long term - slowly over the last 200 years - but we can™t say by how much at present,™ says Nancy Bircher, the director of the wildlife branch at the ministry¦

"Bircher says about 300 Grizzlies are legally killed each year by people with licenses, another 50 are termed ˜nuisance kills™ - due to conflict with humans - and about 90 die as unreported kills or from poachers.

"The poaching figure is absolutely unfounded and hugely at odds with what international authorities report,™, says Marr. "They estimate a continental average of one bear poached for every bear legally hunted. They also estimate that BC is among the most poached amongst all the North American states and provinces. According to this, the poached/hunted ratio should be more than one to one, not one to three.™

"He says the province is intentionally skewing the facts to favour hunters.

"˜They project as high a population number and as low a poaching number as possible to give the general public the impression there are so many grizzlies that not only can they be hunted, but that they should be hunted, otherwise they™ll turn aggressive against humans,™ he says. He adds that the no-hunting policy in US parks like Yellowstone and Glacier show that bears do not become aggressive to humans if not hunted¦"

1998-07-31-5      Times Colonist, Victoria, BC         by Christopher Genovali

[Grizzly hunting on a par with ivory slaughter]

"¦WCWC will be holding a rally on Saturday at the legislature, starting at 1 p.m. to raise public awareness regarding the need to end the grizzly bear trophy hunt. Featured speakers will include wildlife campaigner Toney Mars and WCWC founder Paul George¦

"¦Virtually all grizzly bears could be exterminated in BC by trophy hunters and poachers, while the habitat measurements used by the province would continue to calculate a theoretical potential bear abundance and continue to establish a harvestable surplus¦"

1998-08-02-7         The Pictorial, Cowichan Valley, BC       by Peter Rusland

[Grizzly bear save talk draws criticism]

"Environmentalist Toney Mars knows he™s fighting a battle against time to save BC™s grizzly bears.

"Statistics, education and media coverage are his weapons against trophy hunting of grizzly bears and illegal bear poaching.

"Marr blasted those practices during Wednesday™s meeting in the Cowichan Community Centre where two dozen hunters and preservationists hotly debated the issue¦

"˜All I™m pleading for is for 300 grizzlies to be spare per year. Is this all that much to ask?™ said Marr¦."

1998-08-02-7         The Citizen, Cowichan Valley, BC         by Gerry Giroux

[Grizzly bear presentation draws heated debated from hunters]

"Toney Mars got more than he bargained for when he came to town (Duncan) Wednesday night¦

"Marr presented a video and slideshow on poaching of endangered animals around the world¦ filled with staggering facts and statistics about the decline of many of the species especially the tiger¦

"He tied the grizzly bear situation in with the plight of the tiger. Marr showed reports saying wild tigers will be extinct by 2005 due to poaching, habitat loss and other cause.

"If a ban was put on hunting them when their numbers were roughly the same as those of the grizzly today, maybe the tiger would stand a better chance of survival¦

"The hunters in the audience didn™t like this one bit. Ray Demarchi voiced the loudest opposition. Demarchi is the retired chief of wildlife conservation for the BC government and one of the authors of the provincial grizzly bear conservation strategy that Marr was citing as allowing an excessive hunt of grizzlies¦"

1998-08-02-7         Times Colonist, Victoria, BC         by Cindy E. Harnett

[Grizzlies attract 150 supporters at rally]

"¦ Main speakers included WCWC founder Paul George and wildlife campaigner Toney Mars. Many in the audience had helped to gather signatures for Marr™s 1996 campaign in which WCWC obtained about 90,000 signatures to save BC™s bears.

"At that time, Environment Minister Cathy McGregor did not act on any of the organization™s three requests: to stop bear hunting, to further protect bear habitat or to increase fines for poachers. The minister re-stated her commitment to hunters last week.

"˜Trophy hunting is a concern to some British Columbians, but there are real economic benefits to hunting around the province. In the interior, hunting is very much a way of life and the way in which some areas of our province gain economic opportunity,™ she said¦

"Marr says there are 4,000 to 7,000 grizzlies left. He expects in 20-30 years, they will be extinct in almost all of BC if no action is taken."

1998-08-17-1         Times Colonist, Victoria, BC         by Toney Mars

[Grizzly situation]

"¦Perhaps most fundamentally, I speak for more than 30,000 school children who have voted almost unanimously that of all the reasons for which bears are killed in BC, including for medicine and profit, that to kill them for entertainment and ego gratification is the most immoral of all¦"

1998-09-02-3         The Japan Times         by Françoise Giovannangeli

[An unbearable prospect - a Canadian icon faces new and growing threats]

"¦ ˜Most countries have banned trophy hunting of grizzlies - all except Canada, Russia and the US state of Alaska,™ said Toney Mars. ˜That is why so many foreign hunters are coming to Canada - because they can™t do it in their own countries where the brown bear has become endangered or been wiped out. It™s the Canadian grizzly that is soaking up and absorbing the pressure of trophy hunting lust from around the world as well as the profit lust of poachers,™ he said¦.

"If the pace keeps up, Marr says, the future does not bode well for North American bears. ˜Asiatic bears were not endangered a couple of decades ago. Back then, there were probably more of them than North American black bears. Today, they have been hunted to the verge of extinction by the demands of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. The Chinese economy is improving fast, and pretty soon, there will be a huge middle class. I believe that at that point, there will be a huge jump in demand for bear galls far in excess of the current already high level. It may have already started. And the target will be the North American bears this time around.™¦"

1998-09-18-5             The Globe and Mail, national               by Celia Sankar

[BC won™t end annual grizzly hunt; minister says no harm done to bear population]

"The BC government is not about to stop the province™s annual grizzly-bear hunt, despite criticism from environmentalists and dissent from one of its own biologists¦

"A senior habitat biologist with the BC Ministry of Environment said hunting as administered by the province ˜has the potential to drive grizzly bear populations dangerously close to extinct. There is no ecological, biological or social justification for continuing to hunt grizzly bears,™ Dionys de Leeuw wrote in a private paper widely distributed to wildlife officials within the ministry April.

"Mr. E Leeuw argued that the system for issuing licenses for bear hunting ˜is based on unconfirmed population estimates for grizzly bears™ that ˜substantially overestimate bear abundance.™

"Mr. De Leeuw™s paper, copies of which were (confiscated) by ministry officials, was leaked yesterday by the WCWC..

"˜The Canadian authorities list the grizzly as a vulnerable species and we should not allow it to cross the line and become endangered. We think it is quite close right now,™ Toney Mars said.

"Mr. De Leeuw described as ˜an injustice in the extreme™ the situation where the interest of ˜an infinitesimally small™ number of trophy hunters continue to be protected by the government while those who oppose the activity are ignored¦"

1998-10-02                             Victoria News                           by Bev Wake

[Grizzly population overestimated]

"¦ In Victoria again last week, Marr looked intent, yet weary, as he held up the leaked document (by Dionys de Leeuw - see 1998-09-1805 Global and Mail article)¦

"The document backs Marr™ belief that the ministry has overestimated BC™s grizzly bear population¦

"˜We must begin to protect our bears today,™ Marr says. ˜Our objective is to prevent them from becoming endangered¦ It™s a vicious spiral¦ It is a double-edged sword for a species to be declared endangered, because it drives up the black market value, thus encouraging more poaching. We can see that cloud on the horizon,™ he says¦

"Part of the problem, he says, is that BC™s hunting policy is set by three bodies - the provincial Environment Ministry, the BC Wildlife Federation and the BC Guide-Outfitters™ Association, all of which, Marr charges, has vested interests in hunting.

"Again, de Leeuw™s report backs Marr up, saying ˜BC™s decision regarding grizzly bear allocation have almost exclusively accommodated the interests of trophy hunters, who make up less than one tenth of one percent of the people.™"

1998-10-05         Monday magazine         by Ross Crockford

[Splendor Sine Occasu]

"¦Saturday morning, I went down to the legislature grounds to hear a speech by Toney Mars¦

"I asked Marr whether it wouldn™t be better to allow limited trophy hunting, as they™ve done with elephants in South Africa, and put thousands of dollars in taxes on the licenses and then plow them into regional projects¦ Marr replied that grizzly viewing was a better option. He knows of a lodge in Knight Inlet that takes foreign tourists to watch bears feeding on salmon, and charges them $700 a day, and employs 22 people. The only problem is that hunters gun down the bears the moment they step out of the tiny protected area around the salmon stream, and the tourists get very upset. The old economy and the new one aren™t mixing very well¦"

1999-09-10-5                 The Voice, Whistler, BC                 by Sylvia Dolson

[Bear with us]

"¦ Hunting is a topic that is always controversial¦

"In BC, a hunter need only be 10 years old¦ However, individuals under 19 must be supervised while hunting¦

"I asked Marr whether he thought the black bear population could withstand the current level of legal hunting.

"˜The black bear, especially the grizzly bear certainly cannot with the combined onslaught of legal hunting, poaching and habitat loss. Poaching? The main deciding factors are total population and poaching figures, neither of which is firmly known. So how can we set a sound quota for legal hunting?™ Marr said.

"˜Besides, all ecological and conservation arguments aside, killing an animal for entertainment, especially teaching a child to do the same, is despicable and morally bankrupt,™ said Marr¦"

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