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Bear News Articles 1997

1997-01  Wildlife News and Views by Andrea Stevens, North West Wildlife Preservation Society

[Seeking an end to Bear hunting in BC]

"… Motivation for attempting the huge petition came from a 1995 Angus Reid poll which showed that 78% of those polled support banning trophy hunting of black bears in BC…"

1997-01-11-6         The Review, Richmond, BC         by David DaSilva

[Hunting presentation called off in latest enviro-hunting clash]

"… Students in an environmental club at Palmer Secondary School arranged to have Toney Mars… speak… But when Doug Walker of the BC Wildlife Federation heard about it, and (told the school to either cancel out on Marr or give them equal time), the event was (suspended)…"

1997-01-17                 Daily News, Nanaimo, BC                   by Toney Mars

[Vanderhorst misled with numbers]

"… WCWC’s stand on the anti-hunting campaign is to start and end with the bear, but for once, Vanderhorst is right about me. I am against recreational and trophy hunting… of any species… Ultimately, everything has to do with one species - our own, regarding how civilized we truly are."

1997-spring/summer         WSPA News

[BC Petition to ban bear hunt fails]

"… Toney Mars has said that the failure to collect enough signatures should not be seen as a reflection on how well they ran their campaign. Nor should it be seen as a reflection of public sentiment about bear hunting…"

1997-05             Common Ground magazine                 by Toney Mars

[Making BC’s Referendum Act workable]

"… What we have here is at best semi-democracy, if not downright pseudo-democracy. We have the right to vote for politicians who are usually little more than the least of several evils, who then behave more like dictators than democrats. In this system, the Recall and Initiative Act is all semblance and no substance… Here is a proposal to make the Act workable…"

1997-05-18-3         The Free Press, Price George, BC         by David Plug

[Poaching for gall-bladders - Asian demand pushes up numbers, says conservationists]

"Animal advocates and wildlife officials agree that most poachers of bear parts are never caught, but differ wildly on the scale of the problem in the north,

"To Toney Mars… last week’s laying of 67 charges for unlawful possession of bear parts against a Prince George resident is just the tip of the iceberg…"

1997-05-20         ENS, London, England

[Korea leads illegal trade in bear parts]

"… Toney Mars… based in Vancouver, British Columbia, confirms that South Korea is currently the world’s leading consumer of bear parts. Marr says, ‘South Koreans sometimes import black bears from Canada on the pretext of using them as zoo exhibits, then they have them killed in front of restaurant customers to both provide entertainment and prove authenticity and freshness.’

"Marr says he has read reports of caged bears lowered on to hot coals to have their paws cooked alive…"

1997-05-25-1                 The Vancouver Sun                     by Toney Mars

[Unbearable bear facts]

"Recent radio ads (by the BC Wildlife Federation) portray deliberate misrepresentations of truth…

"‘96% of BC’s residents rejected’ last year’s Bear Referendum objective, citing that only 4% of BC’s residents signed the petition…

"… the ad campaign itself shows that the BC Wildlife Federation is worried, but if they really believe that 96% of BC’s residents support them, what do they have to worry about?"

1997-09                         Video production                     by Terry Brooks

[Unbearable] - on Toney Mars’s BET’R Campaign

Winner of: Global Vision Award / 1997 Cascadia Festival of Moving Images, Award of Excellence (3rd) / 20th Annual International Wildlife Film Festival (2nd) / International Film & Video Festival, Silver Seal Award, Merit Award for Conservation Message

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